Toshiba 2032P

1. Slide the Radio Standby Switch on the left side of the device to the upper side (ON) to activate the phone function. This is the switch with the phone icon over it

2. After power up is completed use the stylus to tap on the ADMIN pull up menu at the bottom of the screen and select ACTIVATION WIZARD. If your device has not yet been activated the ACTIVATION WIZARD will automatically start when you turn on the radio in your device.

3. Tap NEXT 3 times. If the device has been previously activated it will require only 2 presses.

4. On the fourth screen enter the 6 digit OTKSL using keyboard

5. Enter the MIN in both entery fields then tap NEXT

6. Wait for the device to initialize and display “ready to connect”

7. To initiate IOTA tap the word ADMIN at the bottom of the display and then Data Provisioning

8. Programming is complete

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