Nokia E91 Secret Codes

*#06# : Display the IMEI.

*#0000# : Display the firmware version and date.

*#bta0# : Display the Bluetooth MAC address.

*#opr0logo# : Clear the operator logo .

*#pca0# : Activate the GPRS PCCCH support.

*#pcd0# : Deactivate the GPRS PCCCH support .

*#res0wallet# : Reset the mobile wallet.

*#sim0clock# : Display the SIM clock status.

*#ssn0# : Display the manufacturing serial number.

*#war0anty# : Display the manufacturing and repair.

*efr0# : Enable EFR encoding.

#efr0# : Disable EFR encoding.

*hra0# : Enable HR encoding.

#hra0# : Disable HR encoding.

Display the SIM lock status:

n = 1: provider lock.
n = 2: network lock.
n = 3: country lock.
n = 4: SIM lock.

- Press the media key to switch between now playing and current view.
- Press and hold the media key to start the Visual Radio (FM Radio.
- In Music Player, if you press the joystick up or down twice the scrolling speed goes to 'Fast' mode.

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