Nokia E61 Secret Codes

Hard Reset

Old   : *#7370# or “Original Settings” dialogue
New : hold Green (send) and 3 and * whilst turning on
Lock code: 12345

Holding down # will toggle between the current profile and silent mode
Blue Function Key + Ctrl activates Bluetooth.
Blue Function Key + Chr activates IR.
Ctrl + C copies
Ctrl + X cuts
Ctrl + V pastes
Ctrl + Joystick Down functions as Page Down (goes to the next page down)
Ctrl + Joystick Up functions as Page Up (goes to the next page up)
Shift + Joystick Left or Right highlights one letter at a time.
Shift + Ctrl + Joystick Left or Right highlights one word at a time.
Ctrl + Joystick Left or Right moves the cursor from word to word.

Displays the phone’s firmware

Displays IMEI

Displays your bluetooth address

Displays WLAN adapter’s MAC address

Displays the phone’s life timer

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